Krishna Das mit Hridaya auf der Bühne des Russischen Hauses









KD in Berlin! Ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis!




Krishna Das bei den Grammy Awards 2013! 


Mantra und Kirtan erobert die (Musik-)Welt !


"My path is to be in the living Presence; We have to find a way inside us, we have to find a way to open our hearts, to quiet our minds, to let go our fears and our selfishness, our guilt and our anger and jealousy; Everything is already present in our own hearts; By repeating these Names over and over, we are moving ourselves into that place in us; the Heart in us is deeper than any emotion or psychological issues; I don't know if there is God, I know there is Love - Unconditional Love and I know I like to be in that love, and that maybe God; all you have to do is look, and chanting reminds us to look."


~Krishna Das



Mantras & Kirtan

in und um Regensburg


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Lyrik & Mantra

Pettendorf, 27. Juni 2019




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